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A single hour of preventing corruption

The event focused on such issues as "Prevention of legal risks", "Interethnic consent" and "Prevention of corruption". The event was attended by the deputy akim of the Maktaral district, Zholdasbekov Maksat Zhanuzakuly, Esenbekov Abai Perdeshuly, Kalabiev Kuanysh, Beisenbaev Mukhtar Kasymhanuly, the inspector of the department for the affairs of minors of the Department of Internal Affairs Dinara Aubakirova.

On the topics discussed on the agenda were the students of the Kuk-15 group Patshaybai Ulzhan, Erkinbekova Feruza, the student pro-rector Bektemis Meirkhan, the student dean of the faculty "Humanitarian education" Satuov Bekbolat.

The meeting focused on issues of inter-ethnic harmony, peacekeeping, combating discrimination among adolescents, and preventing corruption.

At the end of the meeting, the vice-rector for educational matters and social issues, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor N.S. Tlenchieva expressed her gratitude to the guests for their participation in the planned event.


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