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December - Chronicle of Independence

On December 14 of this year the faculty "Humanitarian education" organized an information and historical evening "December - Chronicle of Independence", dedicated to the great holiday.

Students and young people of the faculty actively participated in speeches, grandmother's words to the younger generation, and fairy tales and stories were demonstrated to all guests of the evening. On the stage, students visually improvised the whole story from ancient times to our days.

In the historical scenes in which our ancestors demonstrated from the ancient world, glorious heroes, their courage, freedom and liberation were shown. Batyrs of "Saks", the Great Great Guns, the Chinese Empire were shown.

In connection with the spread of Islam, excerpts from the works of well-known Turkmen scholars: Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, Zhusip Balasagun, Khoja Ahmet Yassawi and Ferdousi were read. It is told about the founders of the Kazakh Khanate Zhanibek and Kerey.

Poems of the heroes of the Kazakh people were read: Shokan Valikhanov, Ibrai Altynsarin, Abai Kunanbaev, Alikhan Bokeikhanov, Ahmet Baitursynov, Mirzhakyp Dulatov. The thoughts of the hero of the Great Patriotic War, Baurzhan Momyshuly, became a symbol of patriotism.

It was confirmed that the history of the great greatness of mankind revived in the twenty-sixth year of independence and is entrusted to future generations.


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