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Kazakhstan - Land of the Great Steppe

Kazakhstan - Land of the Great Steppe On September 15, the University "Syrdariya" the presentation of a new product in the field of digital technologies "Kazakhstan - the country of the Great Steppe."
Conducted presentation Specialist University for Science Amanbaev Nurjan Saparovich.
New product information is the result of image information and the work done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the five institutional reforms carried out in the framework of the "100 steps" in the 87th Plan "step", which is a significant contribution to the implementation of the project.

Application "Kazakhstan - the country of the Great Steppe" is a modern, interactive and comprehensive product that allows you to be able to get acquainted with information about the country.
In addition to the Windows system, this app is available on Apple and Android-devices on the basis of all types (cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers). The site allows you to use any version of the electronic devices.
this application is defined as a digital encyclopedia, ohvatyvayuscheh wide range of issues for the citizens of the country. In general, the application consists of 10 sections: geography, history, society, culture, government, international relations, economics, tourism, cities of Astana and "EXPO-2017".
The application can also be downloaded from the AppStore system and Play Market.
To do this in the search box write Kazakhstan - Lant of the Great Steppe.
Application "Kazakhstan - the country of the Great Steppe" is an additional educational tool for the entire teaching staff of the University, and graduate students who can benefit from them in the learning process. To do this, there is a possibility to get acquainted with the application in the electronic library of the University.

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