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For the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as on the eve of the languages of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan were held debates among students debate "language - the basis of education."

In this debate participated by students from four factions. In particular, the leader of the "Fire" Zhandoskyzy Mahabbat, member of "Alau" Medetbek Meruert, leader of Bakysbaev Nurbakyt, member Ualikhan Assem, leader of the "Ulagat" Daniyar Asylbek, a member of Asangali Mukagali, and the faction "Zhuyrik" leader Adyrova Uldanay as well as members of their Daulet Ayazhan others. In these debates the students are actively and freely expand their thoughts, proved their point of view, that they are the descendants of an independent country.

The final discussion meeting on "the need for gender policies in our society", "justified the use of the Internet", "learn other languages, respect native language" was devoted to the topic. All these topics because of the problems of modern society in a lively discussion, the students make their views clear, opinion evidence is largely defined ideas. American format (ACE) in the direction of the government and the opposition in accordance with the discussion of this issue, of course, one of the trenches opinion against him. Students discuss contradictory opinions, Chief Specialist, which was granted in accordance with the rules of the game fair prices, NS Faiziev and AA Azizbekov Please tell your administration, controlled the passage in accordance with the competition rules.

Competed in factions and "Fire", "Fire" discussed the issue of gender policy, the subject, the most defended their positions. On this topic, as evidenced by the words of interactive whiteboards to show photos and videos opponents try to avoid printing tournament more and more heated. "Ulagat" and "high-speed" of the game factions continued to challenge the use of the Internet. Subject, of course, believe that it is one of the most pressing problems of today. When orteri key question to be addressed she is clear. Government "high-speed" Internet heard the words it speaks in favor of the opposition faction of high oresi words, each formed opinions of the participants of the forum. "Ulagat" faction to poison the minds of our young people through the Internet, claiming that he was going to change his personality and janduniesi world, harmful, please explain Internet for future generations based on the actual image data. So their good thoughts and good views in front of the opponent, "Fire" and "high-speed" final fraction. "Learning another language, the language tribute to" focus on the conflict of opinions in the final meeting is one thing to watch.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs and International Relations debates Moldabekova Nurzhamal, Head of Educational Tazhitaeva Raya Seyilq?z?, scientific secretary Abenova use L. and "liberal arts education" Isayeva K. dean of faculty and participating exchange of views. Language is a national tradition, customs and identity, traditions, national realities. With these concepts can make the nation is the only country on earth forever. So the only eternal language is one of the main elements of the nation, where a lot of ideas of each age say chest there will be no dispute that. This is the final game, the language of many students of mobile express their opinions and suggestions. At the end of the game, as well as the "Best Speaker" was honored with a nomination Anna Ualikhan. In the first place, "Fire", the second - "high" for the third place "Ulagat", "Fire" faction. The winners were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Press secretary the university "Syrdariya" Sh.Kalybekova

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