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Mini-Football Tournament

The faculty "Physical education and sport", the youth committee of the university and students of the 4th year, organized an open mini-football tournament timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the University "Syrdariya", as well as the program article of the Head of State N. A.Nazarbayev "Orientation for the future: spiritual renewal"

As a result of this event, 4 out of 16 sports teams took prizes:

I place - team "Sirdariya"

II place - the teaching staff of the department "Physical Culture and Sport"

ІІІ place - a team of the 4th year of students on the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" and the team "Youth Committee".

The following nominations were recognized:
"The Best Player" - Maulen Sergali, Ryskul Ablay, Shodybaev Ilham, Kadyrkulov Beksultan.
"The best defender" - Sarsenbayev Orintai.
"The best goalkeeper" - Zhumabek Madadi
"Best striker" - Begali Zhantas, Yamin Turganbai.

We sincerely congratulate teams and all athletes who have prizes!

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