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A professor from Great Britain arrived

In order to implement the external academic mobility, the senior lecturer of the University of Warwick (Great Britain) Dr. PhD Raymond Chatwin arrived at the University of "Syrdariya@, who gave a lecture on the discipline "Management" for the first year students of the specialties "Accounting and Audit" and "Finance".

Dr. PhD Raymond Chatwin was born in 1948, in 1996 he became a Master of London University, in 2001 he received the PhD degree from the Birmingham University Business School. Until 2004 he held managerial positions. From 2004 to 2007 he was a lecturer at the University of Glaustitshire. Today is a senior lecturer at the University of Warwick, a member of the expert committee at the University of London College. He also lectures for international students at Birmingham University and the Estonian Business School. Responsible for the development of national standards in the Graduate School of Management. Responsible member of the development of National Standards at the Graduate Institute. Corresponding member of the Institute for Educational Evaluation, British Society of Educational Management, and also a corresponding member of the Institute of Management Consulting. Research work in the field of education, based on experience, was published in various publications.

Reading lectures to university professors, Raymond Chatwin, shared his impressions on how to change the role of the university, its influence and influence on all stakeholders, while sharing their many years of experience in education:
1. The direction of values in globalization and their impact on the university
2. The issue of attracting stakeholders and their importance in the development strategy of the university
3. Centralized institutions for students (stakeholders).

A professor at the University of Great Britain said that he was familiar with the education system in Kazakhstan and expressed his satisfaction with the policy pursued by the president and congratulated the university on its 20th anniversary.

By decision of the Academic Council, Dr. PhD Raymond Chatwin was awarded the title of honorary professor at the University of "Syrdariya".


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