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Attention of young applicants

Applications of applicants for participation in the integrated testing for an educational grant will be accepted at the University of Syrdariya from June 1 to June 20.
Complex testing will be held July 14-18.

Acceptance of applications for participation in creative examinations for citizens applying for creative specialties is carried out from June 20 to July 7 at the site of the higher educational institutions chosen by him. Creative exam will be held from 8 to 13 July.

The applications for the pedagogical specialties are accepted at universities from June 20 to August 14.

Applications for the re-registration of the Unified National Testing and Integrated Testing will be accepted from July 25 to August 3. The testing will take place on August 15-19.

Admission of applicants for the new academic year on the specialties of the diversified college Zhetysay, recently opened at the university, will be held from June 1 to August 20. Documents for creative specialties are accepted until July 30.

Documents are accepted at:
city of Zhetysay, st. M.Auezov, 11.
Contact phone: 8 (72534) 6-15-52


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