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Структура Ректорат Факультеты Отделы Department of quality management, accreditation and monitoring

Information on the survey conducted at the university in 2017-2018 academic year

Analytical report on the results of the sociological survey "Employee satisfaction with an educational institution" for 2017-2018.

Expertise of the results of sociological research "Student's satisfaction with the auxiliary services of the university", "Students satisfaction with learning outcomes" and "Anticorruption".

Analytical report on the results of an expert survey on the satisfaction of employers with the quality of training graduates of the University "Syrdariya" for 2017-2018 academic year

Expert report of the questionnaire "Adaptation of 1st year students in a higher educational institution"

Analytical report on the results of the sociological survey "Satisfaction of the teaching staff of the University" in 2017-2018.

Information on questionnaire conducted by the University from 2015 to 2017

"Satisfaction of students with quality of education"
"Adaptation of freshmen to the UNIVERSITY", 2015-2016
"Adaptation of freshmen to the UNIVERSITY". 2016-2017
Questionnaire "Graduates"
"The satisfaction of students and undergraduates in the research University"
Satisfaction practice bases interns of the University "Syrdariya"
"Teacher student eyes"
"Satisfaction of the teaching staff of the University"
"The fight against corruption"
"The satisfaction of students to create conditions for personal development and upbringing"
"Satisfaction of students and undergraduates of the University of Syrdariya in the support"
"Satisfaction of employers with quality of graduates"

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